Landmark Inn State Historic Site

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402 E. Florence St.
Castroville, TX 78009
GPS: N29° 21' 18.3" W98° 52' 28.7"


Driving map to Landmark Inn.

Landmark Inn tells the story of migration, industry, and preservation in Texas on the banks of the Medina River in the historic town of Castroville, known as "The Little Alsace of Texas." The site is a unique part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. Castroville, planned in 1844 as an exurb of San Antonio, is just one day’s wagon ride west (today just 25 minutes by car). 

Upcoming Events

July 31

A Dog's Day Out!

We can thank 19th-century Victorians for turning dogs into man’s best friend. Bring your canine companion with you to explore the Landmark Inn’s 5 acres. Water and treats will be available outside, but animals are not permitted in the...

August 7

Candlelight Tour

Join the Living History Foundation to enjoy Landmark Inn by candlelight and experience history from the perspective of the marginalized men and women who lived the Tejas before it was Texas.

August 14

Storytime at the Inn

Its Storytime at the Inn! Bring the whole family to enjoy a special reading of “Miss Rumphius” and explore what makes Texas a uniquely beautiful place.
This program is open to the public and included with your visit to Landmark Inn.

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